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FOG VALLEY CO., LTD OF CHENGDU is the trading body of an organic agricultural group, which has been one of the biggest green tea manufacturers and exporters in China since 1993. The company mainly produce Organic sencha green tea (Steamed green tea), Organic maofeng green tea, Organic green tea fannings for tea bag and extraction, Organic matcha, Organic green tea powder, Organic Houjicha, Organic Genmaicha, Organic Mulberry leaves etc. Why you need to cooperate with us: 1,  Good quality tea, harvest by morden food technology. 2,  All the tea from our own tea farm. 3,  23 years of plantation, tea-processing, blending and exporting experience 4,  23 years experience of exporting organic tea to Japan, EU and U.S.A. 5,  USDA, EC, HACCP, ISO, HALAL certifyied




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